Art group - More than just social

By Sean Delaney

A group of local seniors meets at Carmine Stefano Community Centre (3100 Weston Road ,Weston Rd. and Sheppard) on Wednesday mornings at 9:30 a.m. for tea, food, art and fun. It’s more than just a social group. This group is knitting, doing crochet learning to paint and of course making new friends.

“Over the years people have come to me and said there is nothing for our seniors to do, so I thought, why not do something about it?,” said Lee Jackson, a community activist and cheerleader for Emery. “And that’s what we did. We secured a room at the community centre and we have everything from painting, crocheting, knitting…everything is coming together. It’s fantastic to stay active and get out with friends. We have music, a kettle to make tea, people are bringing baked goods and special treats.”

“I’ve been painting for the last 16 years. I took a few art classes and can spend time with the artists with instruction,” said Lucy Catania. “Painting is the nicest thing that can happen to a young senior like me, or all the seniors, who want to come out and do something to keep active. Many more are coming out every week. I share what I know about painting , and just like everyone else, I enjoy painting and people. Some of these ladies have never painted before but they become quite good very quickly and they are becoming very excellent artists. I saw one painting of a beautiful butterfly that one of the participants was finishing for her Granddaughter. It is quite stunning. We learn and we do it and they’re happy. Come out and try it. It’s a great group and you will surprise yourself how much you will enjoy it.”