Valentine’s Day trivia

By Sean Delaney

These Valentine’s day trivia questions help us understand the person the holiday is named after.


1. True or False: the saint that inspired the holiday may have been based on two different people

2. The most recognized St. Valentine was a priest who helped people do what?

3. The other legend is that Valentine helped prisoners do what?

4. Valentine was sent to death by which emperor?

5. St. Valentine is the saint of love and marriage, but also what?

6. True or False: there is more than one St. Valentine

7. According to legend, “from your valentine” originates from what?


1. True

2. Get married (this was against the “law” at this time because the emperor felt that single men made better soldiers)

3. Escape

4. Claudius II

5. Beekeeping and epilepsy

6. True (there are approximately a dozen other recognized St. Valentine’s!)

7. A letter he wrote and signed “from your Valentine”