Healthwise: Bringing Awareness to ALS this June

By Shelly Harris BScn CCRN Rn-C

June is also an awareness month in Canada. While this disease isn’t as prominent as some, like

cancer, getting diagnosed is devastating for families. Raising awareness is important because it

helps people learn about the disease, reduces stigma, and encourages early detection and


Symptoms of this disease can be subtle and easy to miss. They include persistent fatigue,

unexplained weight loss, trouble with movement or coordination, and memory loss or confusion.

These symptoms can be different for everyone, which makes diagnosis hard. But catching it

early can make a big difference in managing the disease.

When someone is diagnosed, it changes their life and their family’s life. The disease can

progress at different rates, but it often leads to declining quality of life. Families face physical,

emotional, and financial challenges while caring for their loved ones.

There’s some hope on the horizon. Researchers at Western Ontario University have found a

new treatment that may help patients for the first time. This new approach shows promise in

early trials, possibly slowing the disease’s progression and improving the quality of life for those

affected. This is a big step forward and brings hope to patients and families.

As we observe this awareness month in June, let’s support those affected by this disease. By

spreading knowledge and supporting research, we can make a real difference. Let’s work

towards a future where this disease no longer overshadows many lives.