St. Basil’s class of 1978 reunites, celebrates life long bonds

By Santino Bellisano

A St. Basil’s 1978 High School class reunion saw 30 to 40 alumni gather at a local Woodbridge pub on Friday, November 25. The heartfelt reunion was an evening filled with memories, laughter, and rekindled friendships.

Decades after their shared journey at the renowned St. Basil’s The Great College School, the alumni, once under the guidance of the Basilian Fathers, came together to honor their cherished memories and celebrate their enduring camaraderie. This bond formed nearly half a century ago, remains as strong as ever.

The event was not just a gathering of former classmates; it also welcomed beloved teachers like Mr. Gus Calderone.

“My Grade 9 science and math students were just 14 when I started teaching in 1974. The bond we formed then still holds a special place in my heart,” said Calderone.

The reunion spotlighted alumni like Ivan Zanatta, who pursued a hockey career that took him across continents.

“Reconnecting with friends who significantly influenced my life was a unique and cherished opportunity. St. Basil’s has always been a key influence, no matter where my career took me,” said Zanatta.

Many alumni credited the school with shaping their characters and paving the way for their successes in higher education and professional life.

“Our reunion was a testament to the lasting connections we forged at St. Basil’s. As we shared our diverse life stories, it was clear that the bonds formed during our formative years are unbreakable,” a member of the organizing committee said.