Publisher’s note-September 2015

Anybody need a taxi?

There were hundreds and hundreds parked along Islington Ave. just the other day in front of Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti’s local constituency office. They were waging a protest vote against a large foreign owned mega company looking to make it big in a push to take over the taxi industry by introducing an illegal/unregulated form of transportation for hire. It’s not often that I get involved in politics but I wanted to say a quick word about the Uber vs Taxi Cab dispute that is raging around our area.

Seems to me that what is fair for one should be fair for the other as far as City regulations go. I think it is wonderful that Mammoliti has taken on the task of defending the underdog and making sure that the thousands of good ,decent hard working taxi drivers get a fair shake from all concerned and have a level playing field for all to play on. Take some time to study all the issues fairly before you make any personal decisions.

PublisherSean Delaney