Publisher’s comment - January 2023

Publisher’s comment

As the New Year gets underway, on behalf of the Emery Village Voice, we want to send our best wishes for 2023 to all of our readers, businesses, and community members in Emery.

I hope you’re finding ways to stay healthy and positive through these exciting and changing times. And what are we to make of all the headlines? Interest rates have increased substantially, and inflation is rampant in many vital sectors, such as food, gas, and home heating. That all said, and looking at the brighter side, employment in Canada is at its lowest in many decades, and there is still a need for hiring new employees at many local businesses.

So here we are in 2023, and New Year is a time of new beginnings and celebration. It is a day filled with wonderful and memorable feelings that can last throughout the year. It includes spending time with your loved ones, making new resolutions and giving a fresh kickstart to your life and relationships. Different cultures celebrate New Year in various ways.

All government levels continue to cooperate to keep us safe and secure. Not just from a health perspective but also in making sure Canadians who need financial assistance have the resources available to help keep a roof over their head and food on the table. The offices of MP Judy Sgro (416-744-1882) Councillor Anthony Perruzza (416-338-5335), and MPP Tom Rakocevic (416-743-7272) are always ready to assist our residents in need. Please feel free to give them a call.

Once more, I ask that you please try and shop locally when you can. We must do everything we can to help support our local businesses during these potentially turbulent times. Consider take-out, pickup, Uber Eats, and Skip the Dishes for restaurants. For shopping online for household or personal items, please take the time to search a little deeper to see if one of the excellent merchants in Emery has created a retail website.

Lastly, I wish you and your family a healthy, prosperous, and joyous year ahead.


Sean Delaney