Publisher’s comment - April 2024

Publisher’s comment

Celebrating May in Emery Village: A time of renewal and community

As the publisher of the Emery Village Voice, I’m thrilled to welcome the vibrant month of May, a cherished time for renewal and communal joy here in Canada. After our long winter, May arrives like a breath of fresh air, adorned with blooming flowers and warm sunshine, beckoning us all to step outside and revel in nature’s offerings.

May is particularly special as it heralds the Victoria Day long weekend, often affectionately called the May Two-Four. This holiday, celebrated on the Monday before May 25, unofficially kicks off the summer season. It’s a perfect occasion for community gatherings, whether it’s enjoying a backyard barbecue, visiting local parks, or participating in community events in Emery Village.

This time of year strengthens our community bonds and reminds us of the joys of living in such a spirited neighbourhood. The May Two-Four weekend is more than a tribute to Queen Victoria’s birthday; it’s a celebration of our collective spirit and the warmer days ahead.

Emery Village boasts numerous parks and trails ideal for various outdoor activities. From cycling and bird watching to leisurely strolls, there are endless opportunities to connect with both nature and neighbours. For gardening enthusiasts, May is the prime time to plant a variety of flora. Those new to gardening can also try their hand at nurturing plants in our community gardens, creating beauty and forging new friendships.

As we embrace May, let’s cherish the new opportunities it brings. Engage with the community, support local businesses, and enjoy the plethora of outdoor activities now accessible. The May Two-Four weekend symbolizes renewal and community spirit—essential qualities that define our close-knit area.

Let’s make the most of this wonderful month and the upcoming long weekend. It’s a time to celebrate our past achievements, plan for the future, and enjoy the company of those around us. Happy May to everyone in Emery Village, and here’s to a season filled with growth, prosperity, and togetherness.


Sean Delaney