Publisher’s Note-Jan 2015

The importance of giving and loving elderly people

I may not be right, but I feel we have more elderly folks per capita living in Emery Village than most other parts of Toronto. We have a large group of Italian descendants that seem to live way longer than the average. And we are lucky and blessed they live amongst us.

We have a lot to learn from this special group. As time moves on, the elderly become more reliant on the younger population for assistance. It is essential to give your time and effort to this amazing group and give from the heart. I do my part, and give money, clothing and sometimes food to charitable and sometimes religious organizations.

You do not have to give – it is your choice – but it is imperative that you care about the other human beings that live in your community.

If you know of someone that is in need of help, please help that person. You won’t regret helping others out. You will feel like you did your part and feel good about yourself.

We need to respect our elders. Many young children and teens do not always respect theirs. If you can, simply stop and talk. If you wish too, visit elderly folks at a nursing home and volunteer to read books to them.

You can help them work on a puzzle or crossword. You can give your time.

People need to love one another, and be kind to others. I would want someone to be kind and good to me in my older years and take care of me if I needed taking care of.

I believe in the act of giving to others, and being there for them, even if they just need a friend or someone to listen to. Perhaps they have problems or wish to talk about their past experiences? One can learn a lot from elderly folks and older people can give good advice as they are much wiser than the young.

Please do not take elderly for granted, and love older people. Care for them, talk to them, as they need love and caring too, and you can talk to elderly people about problems or a dilemma you may be facing, they just might be able to help you out.

Publisher,Sean Delaney