Macgregors opens long awaited retail option

By Sean Delaney

Good things come in small packages, right?

Well a long time Emery Village meat provider is bringing their taste to your home, in a bit of a smaller package, and there is sure to be some local excitement about it.

Macgregors Meats and Seafood Ltd., is opening their first retail outlet, and while the flair and pomp of a grand opening hasn’t happened yet, the success of a recent soft opening has shown the company’s leadership it’s an option their community is excited about.

“Macgregors has been thinking about a retail store for years and years,” said customer service spokesperson Sam Moretti. “We get calls from a lot of people who see our product at a restaurant and ask where they can get it. And we don’t (or didn’t) sell to the public before.”

Macgregors has been in business for approximately 65 years and providing the highest quality meats and seafood since day one. Now, with their retail arm, they are bringing the quality to their customers table.

“So basically what we offer you is a restaurant quality experience at your home,”Moretti said. “You can expect a great quality product at a fair price.”

The bulk of what Macgregors will offer will be steaks, as they carry and market three grades of beef – top of the line certified Angus beef, AAA and AA.

One of the first retailers in North America to get the license to prepare certified Angus beef, they simply know what they’re doing.

Whether Angus, or AAA or even AA, it’s important to treat it properly, Moretti said. The 28 to 35 days aging period and marbling are what create the quality and taste people are looking for, he explained. And Macgregor’s doesn’t skimp on effort with any cut of meat.

Outside of their signature beef they are carrying different types of burgers and patties, all sorts of flavour preference, chicken, veal, pork and lamb. Also Macgregors is the 44th street manufacturer. The 44th street brand provides some of the best cooked and smoked products across Canada, such as their renowned back ribs or meat balls. And now, customers can look for that brand as well.

They also feature a wide range of shrimps, king crab, different types of salmon filets (one of their biggest sellers) and more.

As it has been a soft opening the retail outlet (at 264 Garyray Dr. (416) 749-5951) is open regular business hours presently, Mondays to Fridays from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Moretti said the business has plans to look at some evening and weekend hours, but that will come in the New Year.