It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

By Ron Lazzer

The Santa Claus Parade has officially kicked off the season, at least two radio stations are playing non-stop Christmas music, and some TV channels are almost exclusively showing holiday movies. Everyday more and more homes are being decorated for the holidays so let’s all join the festivities and look at ways to decorate our houses and apartments and spread some Christmas cheer.


Wreaths work almost anywhere. For a traditional look hang a wreath on your front door. A larger wreath will draw attention to your main entrance and welcome your guests. Add a red bow and some ornaments and you’ll have a spectacular accent that will inspire your friends and neighbours with joy. Many wreaths are available already decorated so all you have to do is hang and enjoy. Let your mind run wild and think of other places a wreath will work too.

Garland, Bows, and Ribbons

These are often overlooked in favour of more spectacular decorations but they can provide a solid background decoration that creates day time interest. Place garland around doors and railings to bring back some of the green that has been quickly disappearing with the colder weather. String ribbon along the top of your fence or across your gate. Bows are particularly pretty. They can be used to highlight entrances, walkways, or other structures. You will smile at their beauty every time you come home.

Christmas Lights

Nothing is more beautiful and peaceful at this time of year than those festive Christmas lights. Even Scrooge wouldn’t be able to resist their charm. Use them to highlight your home’s lines by placing them along your eavestrough or balcony railing with a single colour for a sophisticated look, or multi-coloured for a more whimsical look. Place them on trees, around windows and doors, or as a sheet creating a wall of light. Just remember that Christmas lights should be used to highlight your home’s features not completely engulf it. Have you ever watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation or Deck the Halls? It’s funny in the movies but not in real life so keep it tasteful. Choose between incandescent for those with a more traditional style or the new LEDs for a more modern look. Either way, your friends and neighbours will be star struck with their beauty.

By following the advice above you can create a setting that will be both welcoming and comforting for yourself and your family during the Christmas season. Happy decorating!

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