Helping build Toronto’s future one project at a time

By Sean Delaney

In Emery Village, Clare has established itself as a game-changer in the construction and renovation industry. Its diverse range of services, from drywall insulation and steel framing to ceilings, and a comprehensive tool selection sets it apart. This unique combination makes Clare a go-to resource for all construction projects, regardless of size.

An unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is at the core of Clare’s operations. Guided by a seasoned team, Clare ensures clients are fully equipped to meet their project’s requirements. This meticulous approach simplifies the process for all stakeholders and significantly improves project outcomes.

The availability of superior quality materials is crucial to the success of any construction or renovation project, and Clare excels in this domain. They offer robust and lasting products backed by experts who ensure that every project progresses seamlessly from beginning to end.

Strategically located in Emery Village, Clare offers convenience that empowers locals to undertake building projects confidently. With access to premium materials and professional advice, Clare’s strategic location is a game-changer. Moreover, their online presence further amplifies this convenience, allowing customers to explore options before visiting the store, putting the power of choice in their hands.

A conversation with Connor Naar, the sales manager at Clare, revealed the company’s extensive product range. Clare offers everything from drywall and specialty board products to insulation materials designed for sound and thermal efficiency and steel framing supplies. They also offer a wide selection of ceiling panels and grids, among numerous other accessories. This makes Clare a one-stop solution for all construction needs, providing a sense of security that everything they need is readily available.

Naar also illuminates Clare’s state-of-the-art showroom, which showcases various ceiling solutions intended to inspire and educate. The showroom, divided into nine distinct sections, presents popular ceiling styles, enabling clients to envision how these options could enhance their projects. This resource is invaluable for contractors, designers, and architects, offering a hands-on perspective on product applications.

What truly sets Clare apart is an unwavering commitment to service. The young and energetic management team is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations and swiftly tackling issues. This exceptional level of service solidifies Clare’s position as a trusted partner for a wide array of projects. It resonates with contractors and the wider community, making every customer feel valued and significant.

While contractors form the core of Clare’s clientele, the company extends a warm welcome to residents and DIY enthusiasts in Emery Village and beyond. Located at 605 Fenmar Drive, Toronto, with an office in Hamilton, ON, Clare is ideally positioned to meet the construction and renovation needs of the Greater Toronto Area.

Reaching out to Clare is straightforward for those interested in exploring what it offers or ready to commence a project. Call, 416-741-5300 or email:

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As Emery Village grows and prospers, CLARE is ready to provide the necessary materials, tools, and expertise to transform construction visions into reality, contributing to the community’s development and enhancing living spaces.