Executive Director’s message-April 2015

Emery Village BIA Executive Director’s message

“Raindrops on roses…silver white winters that melt into spring,”

Julie Andrews sings in the Sound of Music, and the same is finally becoming the reality in Emery Village.

As the garbage reveals itself underneath the melting snow it is our civic duty to keep our community clean. Having said that I want to thank all the residences, businesses and schools that participated in the Live Green initiative.

Their effort in maintaining the cleanliness of the businesses and parks in our community is much appreciated. They are setting an example for young children, and other community members, by raising awareness about climate change. It is our responsibility to keep our community clean so we can enjoy patio season and have backyard barbeques with our families and friends. With Mother’s Day next month, I wanted to give a special thank you to all the Moms out there. Thanks for everything you do, and all the support and encouragement you provide.

Emery Village BIA Executive Director

Sandra Farina