Emery Village BIA Executive Director’s message-Sept 2015

Summer has passed and fall has arrived. With the change of season we see our children start a new year of school full of hope and excitement.

On Sept. 12 the 3rd annual Emery Fest took place on 135 Plunkett Road. This year, the venue was moved off the street and a fairground was created for all to enjoy. Even without full cooperation from the forecast the show went on and prizes were won. At Emery Village we love interacting with our community and creating lasting memories with their families.

On Oct. 30 the Emery Village BIA will host its annual charity event Venetian style starting at 6:30 p.m. and located at the Fontana Primavera Event Centre at 77 Woodstream Boulevard in Vaughan. We are working hard to help our local charities that include: the Humber River Hospital Foundation in honour of Maggie Sanderson, Friends Helping Sick Kids, Believe to Achieve Foundation and other children’s mental health and seniors organizations. We look forward to having a great event for the best local causes that are dear to our heart. For more Information please visit www.emeryvillagebia.ca or call 416-744-7242.

For Halloween have your children travel in groups when trick or treating and remind them to stay in well-lit areas and keep safe when crossing roads.

See you next month, or follow us everyday on twitter or Facebook. Just type Emery Village BIA and you will find us.


BIA Executive Director

Sandra Farina