Embracing Equity: Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024 in Emery Village

By Shannon Delmarco

As we approach International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8, 2024, it’s a meaningful opportunity for us in Emery Village and Toronto to celebrate and recognize the remarkable contributions of women in our society. This year, Toronto embraces the theme #EmbraceEquity, spotlighting the importance of fostering an inclusive environment where every woman’s achievement and challenges are acknowledged and addressed.

Employers and employees can play a significant role in honouring this day. Businesses can host events or panels discussing gender equity, showcase stories of influential women in their fields, or support local women-led initiatives. Employees can engage in these activities, advocate for equitable practices in the workplace, and take the time to educate themselves on issues affecting women globally and locally.

Toronto sets an example by celebrating IWD with various events and exhibitions, highlighting the city’s commitment to gender equality. Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie’s proclamation of IWD in Toronto underscores the city’s dedication to celebrating women’s leadership and achievements. The city’s leadership roles, with 49 percent occupied by women, exemplify its status as a top employer for women, reflecting a broader commitment to diversity and equality.

On IWD, let us commit to actions that uplift and support women in our community. Whether attending city-hosted events, supporting women-owned businesses, or engaging in conversations about gender equity, every effort counts towards building a more inclusive society.

Two ideas come to mind to help Emery businesses celebrate IWD:

Host or participate in events and workshops focused on gender equity, featuring speakers and discussions on women’s achievements and challenges in various industries.

Support and collaborate with women-led businesses and organizations through promotions, partnerships, or initiatives that highlight and uplift the contributions of women in the community and workplace.

These actions not only honour the day but also contribute to a broader understanding and commitment to gender equity.

For more details on International Women’s Day events in Toronto and how to participate, visit the City of Toronto’s official website. Let’s make IWD 2024 a day of reflection, celebration, and action towards a more equitable future.