Electrifying the chauffeur industry

By Sean Delaney

The City of Toronto invites members across Toronto’s vehicle-for-hire industry and relevant stakeholders to join the Vehicle-for-Hire Net Zero Working Group. Led by a third-party facilitator, the working group will review possible solutions to guide and support the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions produced by the vehicle-for-hire industry.

The working group will discuss how to reduce emissions and support the transition to electric vehicles. Input and advice from the working group will be considered when policy, program, or bylaw changes are recommended to achieve the goal of net zero.

As directed by City Council, the City has set a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions produced by the vehicle-for-hire industry to net zero by 2030.

The goal of the Vehicle-for-Hire Net Zero Working Group is to develop a strategy to accelerate emissions reductions and electrification of the vehicle-for-hire industry, to transition to a net zero vehicle-for-hire industry in Toronto by 2030. The group will bring vehicle-for-hire industry members and relevant stakeholders to have open and collaborative discussions about reaching net zero through comprehensive recommendations with tangible actions. The strategy may include proposed actions for various City divisions and stakeholders.

The Working Group will achieve this goal by:

• Learning about relevant topics, as identified by the group members (with guidance from MLS, EED, and TAF), to ensure that members have the knowledge and information they need.

• Confirming guiding principles will direct and scope the working group’s activities.

• Identifying challenges and opportunities for reducing emissions and electrifying the vehicle-for-hire industry in Toronto.

• Identifying potential actions, policies, programs, and other approaches that the City of Toronto and others can take to support the transition of the vehicle-for-hire industry to net zero by 2030.

• Evaluating and prioritizing identified actions, policies, programs, and other approaches, by considering equity implications, the feasibility of implementation, and other criteria to be determined by the working group.

• Actively contributing to developing a recommended strategy that includes actions, policies, and programs. This will include implementation considerations, timelines, roles and responsibilities, and resources as feasible.

Interested participants can view the Terms of Reference and fill out the online application form on the City’s Vehicle-for-Hire Bylaw Updates webpage or scan the attached QR code.

The working group is anticipated to meet five times between October 2022 and February 2023.

The deadline for applications is Sunday, October 2.