Blast from the Past: St. Basil’s 3100 Weston Rd.

By Eugene Arcilesi

Recently, much attention has been diverted towards the Gardiner Cottage and the Marian Shrine of Gratitude, rekindling our community’s sense of history and belonging. Yet, the echoes of our past reverberate from many corners of our town. I’ve recently chanced upon a series of photographs bringing another iconic location into focus: St. Basil’s.

Situated at 3100 Weston Rd, St. Basil’s holds a special place in our collective memories. The photos I’ve curated provide a visual journey, offering glimpses of St. Basil’s across different timelines.

While St. Basil’s is a testament to our history, the recent discussions surrounding the Gardiner Cottage and the Marian Shrine of Gratitude remind us of our rich heritage’s diverse facets. Though different in nature, these locations are interconnected threads in the vibrant history of our community’s past. And sometimes, pursuing progress can leave the vital elements of the past, unfortunately, forgotten.

We’re transported back in time with every glance at these images, reliving moments, stories, and legacies. It’s a reminder that while time moves forward, our past remains a constant, shaping our present and future.