Winter Driving is Coming Soon

By Sean Delaney

We live in Toronto, and therefore, we are not always sure what the winter weather will throw at us. While we may have many days of snow-free roads, we also know that mother nature can unleash the beast and blanket us with a copious amount of snow and sleet, creating slippery and icy roads. No one enjoys driving in snowy and icy conditions, but there is a practical solution: winter tires.

Many drivers wonder whether winter tires help keep you safer on the road or are worth the investment. You have to keep in mind that snow tires, in addition to giving you better traction in snow, also allow you to stop much quicker, likely avoiding a rear-end collision.

Don’t be fooled by the term, all-season.

When the temperatures are below 7°C, all-season tires become hard and lose traction, leaving them almost useless. Small slits in the tire tread called “sipes” separate winter tires from all-season tires. In winter tires, sipes ensure that snow is dispersed, assist with acceleration from the stop position and reduce braking distances on slippery roads.

To ensure tires are winter certified, look for the snowflake emblem.

Created by the Rubber Association of Canada and the Rubber Manufacturers’ Association, this stamp ensures the tire meets specific snow traction performance requirements and has been designed for use in severe snow conditions.

And for all those winter tire needs, make sure to check out some of Emery Village’s expert winter tire retailers:

M&N Parts and Tires

175 Toryork Dr.

Toronto, ON

(416) 992-1810


Signet Tires

1 High Meadow Place

Toronto, ON

(416) 748-5365


T.O. Automotive (1997) Ltd.

7 Penn Drive

Toronto, ON

(416) 744-8734


Vaughan Tire & Automotive Centre

5401 Steeles Ave. W.

Toronto, ON

(416) 741-2097


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