West Finch in spotlight

By Melanie Jonas

Is your tooth craving something sweet? Did you know one of the finest bakeries was in your own backyard? Since 1969 West Finch Bakery which is also known as Dolcini by Joseph has been a part of the Emery Village community, and with expansion plans over the next few months, it is here to stay. When I first walked into this bakery it looked like many bakeries I had been in before. However, a few minutes into meeting the owner and seeing the display of desserts I knew this place was different. From my mouth to your ears, I had never had a piece of cake or pie taste this good in my life. At West Finch Bakery the taste is only part of the experience, the pastry chef’s know how to also make your eyes pop with excitement too! These pastries are some of the most beautiful pieces of art you will see in the world of baking. The man of the hour, Chef Joseph Montinaro took over West Finch Bakery from his father Brizio in 1983 and has been keeping the family name alive ever since. Joseph is an exquisite chef and self taught most of what he knows today. He knows quality and creates works of art nothing short of perfection for his customers. This high quality generally comes with a high price. However, while many bakeries are opening shops in the south end of the city, West Finch’s north location gives some flexibility to the price, which is very reasonable when compared to those pastry shops selling the same quality level dessert.

When asked what makes Joseph’s product different than other businesses he said passion. Easy to understand when you see his excitement coming up with a new dessert or greeting a customer. The environment is friendly and Joseph believes in giving customers samples, as it is hard to pick a favourite or know exactly what you are looking for. When I asked Joseph to choose his favourite he could not decide and compared it to picking a favourite child if he had more than one. When a man compares a dessert to the quality of family, I know then I was in for a real treat. Joseph put in front of me all different desserts which all had their own flare and individual design. Right down to the gold brushed blueberries – I was in heaven. Like I said, from my mouth to your ears, each dessert was fantastic. Picking a favourite just depends on what you are in the mood for on that specific day. You will not be disappointed with a dessert by West Finch Bakery also known as Dolcini by Joseph. I know we all need an occasion to eat dessert so the next time you are celebrating, make sure you are bringing the quality as well. Stop by the bakery for your own sampling and see what I saw and tasted with your own mouth and eyes!