Transforming commercial businesses and factories

By Sean Delaney

In the heart of Emery Village, an unassuming showroom holds the secret to transforming commercial buildings and factories. Alton Windows, under the visionary leadership of John Paterra, has been pioneering the adoption of energy-efficient windows that not only assist with energy conservation but also enhance the aesthetics and overall value of the property.

In an exclusive interview, John Paterra sheds light on the pressing need for upgrading windows in commercial buildings and factories.

“The current cost of utilities is astronomical, and many owners unknowingly lose vast amounts of energy through their outdated windows. Most of the buildings in Emery Village were constructed in the 1960s and 70s, equipped with inefficient single-pane windows and prone to damage. It’s like throwing money out the window,” said Paterra.

The ramifications of such inefficiency are substantial. Escalating utility bills, compromised thermal comfort, and increased carbon footprint impact the bottom line and the environment. Paterra emphasizes that the solution lies in embracing energy-efficient windows. The windows offered by Alton are designed with advanced technology, including thermal breaks that reduce heat and cold transfer, resulting in significant energy savings.

Beyond the financial benefits, upgrading to energy-efficient windows holds several other advantages for commercial properties. First and foremost, the enhanced thermal insulation ensures a comfortable and consistent indoor temperature, reducing the dependence on artificial heating and cooling systems. This, in turn, leads to lower energy consumption and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Noise pollution can also be a persistent issue for businesses operating in busy urban areas. Alton Windows’ state-of-the-art energy-efficient windows act as a barrier against external noise, creating a serene and productive work environment for employees.

Moreover, the aesthetic appeal of modern windows cannot be overlooked. Alton Windows offers a range of options, including commercial brown, black, and clear anodized aluminum frames, which seamlessly blend with various architectural styles. This not only elevates the property’s overall look but also gives a fresh and contemporary touch to the building’s façade.

John Paterra expresses his passion for supporting local businesses, including window manufacturers. He firmly believes in the positive impact of sourcing materials and services locally, strengthening the community, and fostering economic growth.

Lastly, Paterra emphasizes that despite the advanced technology and benefits, Alton Windows remains committed to providing cost-competitive solutions. The company’s goal is to make energy-efficient windows accessible to all, encouraging widespread adoption and creating a more sustainable future for Emery Village and beyond.

So, when in need, or you are ready to increase the value of your commercial building, call Alton Windows and Doors first for window design, installation, or replacement.

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