Toronto Police 31 Division Alert

Distraction Thefts

There has been a marked increase of “Distraction Thefts” being reported in 31 Division.

A “Distraction Theft” is when someone approaches you, engages you in conversation and tries to give you or put on you a piece of Jewelry. This jewelry is fake and without you knowing, they have removed your real jewelry. Most often these criminals target senior citizens and the very elderly. They have been known to speak Italian. They travel alone or in small groups.

You can protect yourself:

- Do not engage in conversation, ignore them and walk away.

- Do not allow a stranger to get close to you or touch you.

- Tell them firmly that you are not interested in speaking with them.

- Lock your doors when you are not home.

- Do not wear valuables that are easily seen

You can help 31 Division:

- You are the eyes and ears of the community

- Write down the license plate of any car suspects may be driving.

- Write down what the person or people looked like.

If you are a victim of a crime, do not be ashamed. Please call the police at (416) 808-3100. If you know who is responsible for these crimes please call police or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

For more information please contact Constable David Rocca at (416) 808-3134