Tips from Toronto Police Service

It is that time of year again. Halloween is a day every child looks forward to. Ghosts, ghouls, vampires, and werewolves take over the streets for the night and collect all sorts of treats. The Toronto Police Service (TPS) would like to send out a friendly safety reminder to both parents and kids so that everyone can have an enjoyable night. Parents, please take the time to review these tips, and educate your trick-or-treaters before they head out for the night.

Tips for Children

• Trick or treat in groups or with parents/guardians

• Carry a flashlight

• Have an emergency plan if something bad happens – know who you can talk to or approach if you have any problems or get lost

• Let your parents/guardians know where you will be and stay in areas that you know and are comfortable with.

• Ensure that you can see through a mask or makeup – wearing face paint is suggested.

• Avoid wearing long capes or things that can be tripped on, or caught on things.

• Empty your candy bag and check in often with your parents or friends’ parents.

• Walk on well-lit streets and avoid alleys or dark areas.

• Trick-or-treat on one side of the street, and then cross to the other. Never criss-cross the street.

• Don’t go to houses that don’t have lights on, or that you don’t think are safe.

• Don’t carry anything that looks like a weapon

Tips for Parents

• Accompany your kids trick-or-treating or ensure that they are with a responsible adult.

• If your kids are older, outline a set area that they can go to and a timeframe to be home; ensure that your kids check in often (every 30 minutes) and know who they are with.

• Provide your kids with a cell phone and a flashlight.

• Review a safety plan with your children so they know what to do if they get lost, scared, or separated from their group.

• Have an early meal with your children prior to trick-or-treating. This will help discourage your child from sampling candy before you can check it.

• Keep the lights on in your home – make it safe for other kids to come to your door.

• Check the candy your child brings home – throw out anything that is opened, suspicious, or that you don’t recognize.

• Make sure your kids are dressed for the weather.

• Don’t allow your kids to carry anything that looks like a weapon.

• Make sure that your kid’s costume(s): don’t drag on the ground, cannot be easily grabbed, and can’t get caught on things.

• Encourage your children to choose light coloured costumes or costumes with reflective strips. These costumes are easier for drivers to see.

• Consider face paint or make-up instead of a mask. A mask’s eyeholes can make it hard to see.

• Remind your kids to stay in well-lit areas and out of alleyways.

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