The oven his canvas, the bread his art

By Sean Delaney

Manoucher Etminan came from his home country to Canada, because had no choice. He came to give himself a better opportunity for him and his daughter. They were Persian, and their country wasn’t a safe home anymore.

“When he came here, he was a regular working person, but he had the mind of an entrepreneur, and he had a bigger picture dream,” said Food Service Manager Sabrina Wilson. “ He also wanted to become an entrepreneur though where whatever he came up with and created, people would respect it and love it. Money wasn’t as important to him as sharing something he’s created with the community.”

He was known as a poet, musician, painter – always an artist at the core. So when he decided bread was going to become his product, he wanted to of course, become a master bread maker.

He had a traditional loaf at home that he loved, but he wanted to put his own stamp on what he already thought was the best.

“He started working with that, drawing designs of breads on paper, and then working with the dough, coming up with certain formulas, and then he perfected it,” Wilson said. “And it’s a secret to this day.”

Only one, or two people are said to know how Manoucher’s bread is done.

After he had perfected his base recipe, he started making different flavour options, and presented them to the United Kingdom and also in the United States, and the reception was good.

“Back then, he would be selling them at $20 a loaf, because there was no other product like it on the market,” Designer Tamara Mendiola said.

After Etminan settled a bit, he sourced ingredients from where he wanted in the world, the best of the best, and keeps it simple. With no additives, and no preservatives, the bread is flash frozen after baked, and will last 11 months, and three to four days after thawed.

It’s an Emery legend, and worth a try.

Visit them at 703 Clayson Road.

Call them at: (416) 747-1234

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