The Aurora Importing cash and carry open for business

By Sean Delaney

At Aurora Importing, the idea of having a Cash and Carry store attached to the warehouse is not a new one. In fact, before Aurora moved its head office to Emery Village a year and a half ago, the tradition of retail shopping Aurora products at a Cash and Carry had been established decades ago.

Basically, the warehouse is open to the public. Local residents can visit and enjoy browsing and looking at the many different products that Aurora imports. Aurora carries over 2,400 different products and is the largest importer of dry goods from Italy to Canada, bringing in about 750 mega containers a year of dry grocery food products. And while not all of their 2,400 products are available in-store, many of the most popular shopped items are.

“At Aurora, we like to become part of the fabric of the community. We hope that people will stop by to look at the store, shop our many products, get to know us, even have a free espresso on us. We also offer First Responders a 10 percent discount to help to say thank you for their hard work and dedication in getting us through these challenging times,” said Annette, and Aurora Cash and Carry staff member.

The Aurora Cash and Carry store, in addition to the many products available, offers weekly specials on various items.

The Aurora retail outlet is conveniently located at 350 Clayson Road. Store Hours are Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.