The Art of living well

By Sean Delaney

I recently had the pleasure of stopping once again at the weekly Emery Senior’s art class and social gathering.

Each Wednesday, a local group of seniors get together to develop their art skills under the excellent instruction of Lucy Catania.

The number of participants has grown steadily every week since its inception, which is very satisfying to see.

Some are very new to painting and some have been attending these classes and have developed considerable artistic skills.

Well known community cheerleader, Lee Jackson, was again tending to her knitting. Back with the group after a recent illness that sidelined her activities, Lee has been making hats and booties for our local hospital newborns for many years now.

There are always some freshly baked goodies to sample made by members of the group along with some very hot espresso.

We were all very surprised by a visit by our local Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti.

The Councillor has always had a warm place in his heart for our Emery seniors.

Mammoliti was instrumental in securing a spot at the Carmine Stefano Community Centre for the Art Group.

No one more than the Councillor knows how important it is to stay social, get out in the community and keep active in one’s advancing years.

We also heard some exciting news from the Councillor about the future new Emery Community Centre that will be built. Looks like the Seniors will have some new digs in the not so distant future.

I am pleased to display here some of the fabulous art created by the group.