Take an authentic Shawarma journey in Emery Village

By Sean Delaney

Welcome to York Shawarma, a beacon of tradition and flavour nestled at the heart of Emery Village, where every bite is a testament to their culinary heritage. Established by Okan Candir and located conveniently at 4200 Weston Road, near the bustling intersection of Weston Road and Gary Ray Drive, York Shawarma puts on display the rich culinary traditions that have travelled from his homeland to Toronto.

“Eight years ago, we embarked on a culinary journey fueled by a passion to share the authentic tastes of our heritage,” Candir said. “Our dream came to fruition five years ago with the opening of our first Shawarma eatery, marking the beginning of a flavorful adventure. Today, York Shawarma thrives with three branches, each a warm embodiment of our culture’s generosity and warmth.”

Shawarma, a culinary staple hailing from the Middle East, is celebrated for its unique taste experience. It involves expertly seasoned meat with a mix of aromatic herbs and spices, then slowly roasted on a vertical spit to perfection. The result is tender, juicy meat thinly sliced and wrapped in a soft pita or served on a platter, often accompanied by various fresh salads, tahini, garlic sauce, or hummus. The flavour sensation of shawarma is a complex layering of savoury, tangy, and sometimes slightly smoky notes, reflecting the depth of its spices and the skill in its preparation.

“Our menu is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, crafted to appeal to every palate. It features the beloved Chicken Shawarma Sandwich, a crowd favourite, alongside various vegetarian options, including crispy golden falafel and smoky BBQ delights. Our commitment to quality is unwavering; we use only the freshest ingredients to prepare meals that are as nourishing as delicious,” said Candir. “Our competitive lunch deals are designed to offer value and satisfaction. While others in the area may charge upwards of $22 for a single plate, we provide an enriching meal for $20, including a drink, a sandwich for around $12, and options for appetizers or desserts.”

At York Shawarma, each dish narrates a piece of their story, inviting you to partake in a dining experience that goes beyond mere sustenance. With homemade specialties, including beverages like baklava and milk custard, they ensure a taste of home in every meal.

“We invite you to join us at York Shawarma, where every meal is a journey of taste, tradition, and passion.”

Visit York Shawarma to experience the warmth of its hospitality and the unparalleled taste of its cuisine, a journey that promises to be as enriching as it is delicious.

Contact York Shawarma at: 416-551-2824