Take a Plunge with Pro Line

By Sean Delaney

Joe Schmitt, Owner and CEO of Pro Line Pool and Spa, decided to take a leap—into the deep end, so to speak. The first owner of Pro Line decided to retire, and Schmitt bought the assets of the company and the company name in November 2018. Did he have a burning love and desire for pools? “I had a burning love and desire at the age of 50 to re-jump start my life,” Schmitt laughed. “I ran an auto body and mechanic shop for 25 years. This fell into my lap as an opportunity to do something totally different. And it was the right time for that.”

Schmitt enjoyed the auto body and mechanic shop, but it became routine day-to-day. He and his staff were at the same site all the time, doing many of the same things. “In this business, we’re not locked in the same room together every day. This business has my guys all over the city. I’m dealing with contracts instead of always customers, and my customers are often property managers. It’s hard to describe, but it’s a little higher end instead of dealing with everything on the ground in a shop face-to-face.”

But while the style of his customers has changed, Schmitt’s philosophy with them hasn’t. He believes in committing himself to going above and beyond with every customer and every aspect of what they are looking for and constantly working to improve on that. “I try to see where other companies fail and it doesn’t even matter if they’re in the same industry; I look at where they fail in customer service—from quoting to executing a contract, to communication. I gather that information on what other companies do and how their customers react, and try to do better.”

Pro Line Pools and Spas keep your pools safe and accident-free. They offer preventative care and maintenance to keep your facilities in top shape. They offer lifeguard management services for private and public organizations and can attend essential meetings and complete service reports for you. The company has served Toronto and the GTA for more than 50 years.

Many of their customers now are property managers as they often service the facilities of large residences. Schmitt knows that they deal with gardeners, maintenance staff, tenants, and more. So, with a focus on customer service, he wants his clients to know that his facility is not one they will even need to think about. “If they don’t have to worry about the pool, it just gets done right, that is huge for them,” he said. “And we pay attention. We figure out what the popular tenant complaints are at the site and ensure we don’t do that. But that service starts with our employees as well.”

Schmitt also believes that if his company makes its employees happy, they’re going to be all the better to their clients.

If you would like to find out more about Pro Line Pool and Spa, visit: www.prolinepoolandspa.ca

You can find them at: 1114 Barmac Dr, Toronto

Phone them at: 416-497-4363

Or email them at: info@prolinespa.ca