Summer job search

By Sayada Nabi

The temperature is frigid and daylight is sparse indicating that we are in the heart of winter.

At this point summer feels like it’s ridiculously far away, and for teenagers only half the school year has finished. Despite all the gloomy weather, January is the perfect month for teenagers (older than 15) to start thinking about summer jobs – because positions get filled quickly.

In addition to the extra pocket money there are many benefits to securing a summer job. A summer job can help develop various skill sets that will be helpful throughout life.

For instance balancing a job among other responsibilities will teach the importance of time management.

Time management is a key factor that comes into play back at school, when summer is over, as homework and assignments must be completed with deadlines.

Recently Sergeant Darla Tannahill tweeted “Calling all youths 15-18yrs-looking for a fantastic summer job? @TorontoPolice @youthpolicing taking applications now until February 12, 2015.”

This is an amazing opportunity to see if policing is a viable career option, and it also looks great on a resume. There are a few criteria that must be met in order to be considered for the position, one of which is that you “must not have any criminal charges.”

For more information about this initiative you can check out the Toronto Police website ( and refer to the “careers” page.

Another great place for that first summer job is in day camps around the neighbourhood. Becoming a camp counsellor allows you to spend the summer supervising younger children and partaking in activities around the city. This is the job for someone who doesn’t want to miss out on all the summer fun, but is also looking to gain working experience. Check out the City of Toronto website for more details on becoming a summer camp counsellor.

There are summers jobs all over the neighbourhood so just keep a look out if you’re interested and spend your summer making new friends, and enhancing your skills.