Spring has Sprung in Emery Village

By Sayada Nabi

Every year the wait for spring, after a dark cold winter, seems long and cruel. On Groundhog Day (February 2nd, 2014), when Ontario’s famous groundhog Wiarton Willie saw his shadow, we were warned of an elongated winter. According to folklore, the appearance of his shadow meant 6 more weeks of winter than usual. Keeping that in mind, this year that wait for a warm ray of spring sunshine still felt like it would never come to an end.

Slowly but surely as we approach the month of May, the signs of spring have finally begun to flourish all around us. One of the signs specific to Canada, is the reemergence of the country’s beloved geese. The cold frigid temperatures that arrive in the fall, pressure the Canadian geese to migrate south to warmer environments. As suitable habitation comes back to life in Canada, the geese return home. Another bird that gives hints to the arrival of spring is the beautiful red robin.

In addition to the birds returning back home for the warm temperatures, the blossoming bulbs, leaf buds and flowers can gnerate spring fever. Driving through the neighborhoods, in Emery Village the bulbs planted in private gardens few months ago are beginning to peak through the ground, and show the homeowner’s green thumb. If you do not have a personal garden or backyard to experience the beauty of spring just head on to the local park.

Lindylou Park, at the corner of Weston road and Finch Ave, behind the four high rise buildings is a 4.5 hectare park that includes two volleyball courts and a playground with slides and swings. Another park in the neighborhood residents can check out is the 2.1 hectare Lanyard located directly behind Daystrom Public school.

The Lanyard Park includes a basketball court, tennis courts and even a splash pad.

In anticipation for the summer days that get a little too hot, the splash pad is a great alternative to driving all the way down to the beach.

This weather is perfect for taking walks and displaying your spring wardrobe. The rising temperatures open the door for some of the biggest trends for spring, such as maxi dresses, head wear and for those who dare the infamous Canadian tuxedo. The denim jacket is a versatile piece seen throughout emery village on residents of all ages and genders.

As hot summer air is tailgating the simple spring breeze, enjoy the bright yellow dandelions before they turn into soft grey fluff for you to blow on and make a wish. Just as winter didn’t last forever, neither will spring, so appreciate it as much as you can, for as long as you can.