Seize the summer: Explore job opportunities

By Sean Delaney

The City of Toronto is gearing up for an exciting summer by offering a variety of employment opportunities, especially focused on parks, recreation, and museums. This initiative not only aims to staff the city’s extensive summer programs but also to provide meaningful work experiences for students and residents alike.

Each year, Toronto hires approximately 9,000 recreation workers, with about 5,000 positions available during the summer. The roles range from lifeguards and fitness instructors to gardeners and handy-workers for parks. This extensive recruitment helps support the diverse and robust community programs throughout the warmer months.

Moreover, the city is proactive in hosting virtual job information sessions to guide potential applicants through the application process and discuss the various job roles available. This approach not only helps applicants understand what is expected but also assists them in aligning their applications to specific job requirements.

For those interested in a summer job with the City of Toronto, applications are typically accepted online, and the city encourages early applications to ensure all potential workers are processed and ready for the start of the season.

These opportunities are not just jobs, they are a way to engage with the community, gain valuable work experience, and positively impact the city’s vibrant public spaces. Whether you’re a student looking to make money over the summer, or a resident interested in contributing to city programs, Toronto’s summer employment offers a rewarding experience.

For more details on how to apply, visit the City of Toronto jobs portal or scan the attached QR code.