Sandra Farina celebrates 17 years with BIA

By Sean Delaney

In the heart of Toronto lies a vibrant and thriving community known as Emery Village.

At the helm of its success stands the dedicated and visionary leader, Sandra Farina, the Executive Director of the Emery Village Business Improvement Area (BIA).

As the Emery Village BIA marks its remarkable 20th anniversary, Farina is brimming with excitement, gratitude, and a profound sense of accomplishment.

Two decades ago, the Emery Village BIA embarked on a journey to transform the community landscape. It began with a collective vision of beautification. Breathing life into the streets by adding vibrant flowers, inviting benches, and colorful entry gateways at strategic points such as Sheppard Ave., Weston Rd., Steeles, and Fenmar. This commitment to visual appeal enhanced the area’s aesthetics and set the stage for a stronger sense of community.

As the anniversary celebration unfolds, Farina takes a moment to extend her warmest appreciation to the founding board members who set this journey in motion. Their foresight and determination laid the foundation for the BIA’s success, serving as an inspiration for the years to come.

Farina’s appreciation extends beyond the initial visionaries. She acknowledges the unwavering support of local businesses and dedicated volunteers who have contributed tirelessly to the growth and prosperity of Emery Village. Their collaborative efforts resulted in a flourishing community that holds a special place in the hearts of its residents and visitors.

One of the driving forces behind Emery Village’s evolution has been the diligent behind-the-scenes work orchestrated by the BIA. The BIA’s commitment to efficient urban planning is evident from the goods and movement studies that optimize traffic flow to comprehensive traffic analyses. Ongoing negotiations and collaboration with the City of Toronto, the Province, Metrolinx, and the Mosaic Transit Group, to name a few, underscores the BIA’s dedication to the community’s long-term development and connectivity.

Farina also highlighted the invaluable contributions of the past and present BIA Board of Directors. Their leadership and guidance guided Emery Village’s growth trajectory, ensuring it remains a dynamic and vibrant locale.

Under Sandra’s leadership, the BIA has woven a tapestry of community spirit, economic prosperity, and aesthetic allure that stands as a testament to the incredible potential of united efforts.

As Emery Village looks back on two decades of progress, the future gleams with promise and Sandra Farina’s legacy as a visionary leader shines brightly.