Revolutionizing auto detailing in Emery

By Sean Delaney

“The way I look at it, I tell our team to treat every vehicle as if it were your own,” said Saif Rehman, co-owner of Car Wash Experts with his wife, Zahrah. If you’re seeking expertise in automotive cleaning and detailing, this duo is the pair to entrust your vehicle to.

Saif and Zahrah both embarked on their automotive careers at dealerships. “We met at a dealership,” Zahrah recounted. “I was employed at a Lexus dealership as a receptionist, which marked the beginning of my journey. Around that time, my husband was working at Volkswagen in Markham.”

Saif shared his initial aspirations: “I wanted to get my foot in the door. I’ve always had a passion for cars, so naturally, you have to start somewhere. I began in an entry-level position as a detailer and car washer, eventually advancing to a shop helper, working on oil changes and tires, and later to a junior advisor role, which included some body shop work as well.”

Approximately a year later, Saif advanced to a full-time advisor position and then ascended to a senior advisor role. His rapid progression at Volkswagen led to an opportunity at a Lexus dealership in Vaughan. “It was a fantastic city and a great opportunity,” he said. “I started there as the assistant service manager and remained for about a year and a half before the chance to take over this business arose.”

In July 2023, Saif and Zahrah officially assumed ownership of Car Wash Experts. Today, they can transform your car to look brand new again. “We’re your one-stop shop for your car,” Saif stated. “From detailing, ceramic coating, tinting, accessories, paint correction, and much more. We handle a lot of imports brought in by dealers, as sometimes there is wear and tear after shipping. We also work on classic cars from the 50s and 60s, revitalizing the paint with our correction services, including buffing, wet sanding, and polishing. Whether it’s attaching small window visors or designing and fixing interior lighting, we can do it all.”

Saif further explained that every task is executed with the utmost attention to detail. For instance, for tinting, a car’s VIN number is used to determine the most precise dimensions for cuts, which are then made by laser for unparalleled precision.

An available Ozone treatment is another innovative service from the Emery experts. “The Ozone treatment eradicates bacteria, germs, and can eliminate odours,” Saif explained. “It’s particularly useful for vehicles exposed to smoke, effectively neutralizing the smell.”

Moreover, they offer powder coating for tires and rims for those who may not have received their preferred color at purchase. They also expertly address curb rash on wheels. Among their services, Saif highlighted ceramic coating for its paint protection benefits, helping vehicles maintain their appearance and value for much longer.

From basic washes starting at $50 — far surpassing a standard gas station wash with thorough removal of debris, dust, and bugs — to comprehensive detailing packages priced at a few hundred dollars, Car Wash Experts is worth the visit. For specific needs like headlight polishing or engine shampooing, they also offer a la carte services.

Car Wash Experts is located at:

6-5235 Steeles Ave W.

Phone them at: 647-767-9180

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The shop is open Monday to Sunday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.