Quirky COVID rules

It’s been a long 2020, full of actions, protocols, and restrictions. Parents are consistently working with their children to let them know that life will return to “normal”, and meanwhile, we are left to wonder what that new normal might be?

But, as the summer of vaccination continues, we wanted to look back at some of the bylaws and protocols Toronto put in place that may bring a smile to your face.

1) If you live in a Toronto apartment building, don’t rustle your clothes.

Toronto Public Health has asked apartment dwellers to not “shake their dirty laundry.” This will minimize the possibility of dispersing any virus that may be present into the air.

2) Dog owners will have to clean doggy drool

Outdoor play for dogs and their owners is encouraged in the Toronto Public Health guidelines. But to keep everyone safe, including your dog, they ask that when walking or visiting an off-leash dog safe area, owners collect any used toys and wash them with soap and water once the play time is done.