Publisher comment-July 2020

I hope you’re having a fantastic week. Have you had a chance to unwind this summer? I hope so. I think we’re all going to need it.

I believe that we’re all in for a wild ride for the rest of the year.

Doesn’t it just blow your mind when you think about how far we’ve come since March? The world has changed forever, but in most ways for the better. I genuinely believe we are rebounding out of this pandemic stronger and better than ever, and the proof is all around us. We’re emerging from the crisis with a renewed focus on the things that matter in life, like family, community, and kindness.

As we enter our new normal, there’s a lot to look forward to. The economy is starting to pick back up. You have likely noticed that the parking lots on our Main Street retail along Weston Rd, Finch Ave, and Islington Ave. are slowly filling to capacity. I too also wait in the predictable traffic jams along Finch Ave. with a new sense of marvel and patience. It didn’t take long to realize that empty streets meant that far fewer people were going to work, taking transit or spending money – keeping our small community in Emery’s economy going.

I may be starting to sound like a broken record, and I promise that I will only say it 100 more times this year – please shop locally in Emery as your first choice. The money spent is then likely kept and circulated within our community, increasing the possibility of continued employment and prosperity for our many residents.

Sean Delaney