Publisher Comment - March 2021

Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s been a year since the pandemic began. I’ve experienced a whirlwind of emotions this year: frustration, fear, boredom, stress, pride, gratitude, and hope.

And while it’s been a challenging year, spring is here, more people are getting vaccinated, and there is an intense light at the end of the tunnel.

There’s a lot to feel optimistic about these days. Easter is just around the corner, and this year, the message of love and hope will take on extra meaning for our residents of Emery.

While the COVID-19 pandemic changes how we express our sense of community, it will not weaken it.

The large Easter banquets will not be seen, the barbecues will be for immediate family only, and church gatherings won’t happen. But that doesn’t mean the message of Easter changes. We will still celebrate, and we will still give thanks for all that we have, albeit on a less grand scale.

My challenge to Emery residents is to use the holiday to think of one thing to brighten someone else’s Easter.

Some in our community will be okay. But many are alone, may be unwell, and economic futures may be uncertain. A small gesture from you could brighten their Easter. It could be picking up the phone and calling someone that you care for, or sending a card to someone that you have been thinking about. Maybe a wellness check on an elderly neighbour? In these times, it could be the ray of light someone needs.

And while this Easter passes, we have more knowledge of the disease, and we have hope that soon this will be over.


Sean Delaney