Packing away a new legacy

By Sean Delaney

Farrell Enterprises Ltd. has been around since 1965, with a deep history in the GTA. But today the wholesale packaging supply company is under the leadership of an enthusiastic new ownership group.

“A few months ago, we were approached by the previous ownership,” said Jeff Herszkowicz, general manager of Farrell Pack, a division of Farrell Enterprises Ltd. “They were interested in retiring and our family saw the opportunity to acquire the business and carry on with the traditions of excellence and ensure our customers receive the best service.”

Farrell can acquire the supplies and products customers need when they require it, Herszkowicz said, and pride themselves on taking their customers “to the next level, while ensuring everyone can make money.”

“It’s very important in today’s society with higher inflationary rates, higher interest rates, that you are contributing a benefit to someone’s business.”

Farrell is a wholesale supplier with access to the highest quality packaging and product lines to service and supply a variety of industries. Everything from cargo securement straps, bubble wrap, newsprint wrap, moving blankets, floor runners, sliders for appliance movers, hand trucks, and a vast array of products to service any warehouse, logistics, construction company, or more.

“And we can get those hard-to-find products,” Herszkowicz said.

Adding to the business, Herszkowicz said he is proud of the company’s commitment to being a progressive and green presence.

“Our mandate is sustainability,” he said. “We’re seeing fast food places change from plastic to wood, and we are doing the same.”

Herszkowicz said Farrell has been awarded the rights to a paper-based replacement for bubble wrap. And already has staff trained and ready with a special apparatus that can accompany a mover and be able to wrap products quickly, even eliminating the need for tape.

“Recycling and green thinking is everything,” he said. “We want to see less plastic out there.”

And Farrell will deliver your product to you, with partnerships that give them access to some of the best freight rates in the industry.

“We pride ourselves on customer service and getting our trucks on the road, making sure customers get their product when they need it, and when they want it,” Herszkowicz said. “I had a customer call today and say, sorry, I need it today, and if not, I’ll have to go to someone else. We said, what do you need? And an hour later had a truck on the road. We can’t guarantee an hour turnaround every time, but whatever we can do for our customers, we will do it.”

Farrell can be found at: 66 Bartor Road

You can call them at: 416-745-2711

Or find them online at: