Opening back up in style

By Sean Delaney

The hair salon has always been an incredibly intimate environment. It is a place where close contact is expected — a hairstylist shampoos and readies your hair for the scissors; the barber leans in close to shape up your hairline, and how about a shave with that cut?

Most of these services stopped when the coronavirus forced salons and barbershops in Toronto to close, temporarily ceasing the strong relationship between stylists and loyal clients and curtailing the camaraderie and community of many salons and barbershops.

Most of us rely on our hairdressers. barbers and colourists to help us create the image we want the world to see, which plays an essential role in our self-esteem.

But for the industry, hair is more than just a matter of identity, creativity, or following the most up-to-date style trends: It’s a business. A business where the income from profits likely goes toward paying a mortgage, keeping an automobile running, buying clothes for the family, and putting food on the table. The barber and salon owners and staff are likely to be our neighbours, shop locally in Emery, and their children likely attend school with ours.

We need these local businesses to survive and thrive. Without your patronage, it could be just one more business on the ropes and one more family feeling the lasting pain of the pandemic.

And none of us want that.

In Emery, we have many hair salons. A look at our various strip malls, and it seems to be two or three per mall. Book an appointment now with your regular stylist, or look for a new one that suits your tastes. It’s time to stop the at-home styling and colouring and safely get out of the house for a cut.

It’s more important than ever to support local business. To find a hairstylist in Emery, please visit the Emery Village BIA’s website directory at:

Or visit one of our fine options:

Cardillo’s Hair Design

66 Plunkett Rd.


Four Seasons Unisex Hair Styling

2463 Finch Ave W.


Johnny’s Barber Shop

3410 Weston Rd.


Kamal Barber Shop

5109 Steeles Ave. W. Unit 108


La Vogue Hair Design

2467 Finch Ave. W.


Diamond Barbers Salon

8 Satterly Rd.


Rafik Hair Salon

2381 Finch Ave. W.


Sam’s Men’s Hairstyling

2965 Islington Ave., Unit 16


The Hair Performers

2965 Islington Ave.


Woodview Barber Shop & Beauty Salon

3216 Weston Rd.