Need to handle the virus? Paul Davis is your expert

By Sean Delaney

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to rethink their operations.

And many businesses are struggling to even know how to restart.

Thankfully, there is a company in Emery Village that is an expert on just that, and they are working with businesses and service organizations that need just that expertise.

Paul Davis is an emergency management company.

The bulk of their work comes from insurance companies.

“People open claims for fire, water damage, vehicle impacts to structures, and we do everything from the smallest water damage repair, all the way up to total losses where we have to rebuild an entire home basically,” said operations manager Kelby Miles.

An international franchise with head offices in the US and Canada, Davis has built a reputation of helping clients during extreme situations.

And the 2020 pandemic is no different.

Davis has been getting a “mixed bag of stuff” according to Miles.

“Everyone has developed their own policies and what they want, so our services have ranged from cleaning multiple square feet after a case of COVID-19, to doing a preventive clean before a business reopens.”

Miles said as they’ve gained a wealth of expertise in the area they’ve even been helping businesses set up containment areas.

“We’re working with medical offices to divide open areas and have places where you can have multiple people in there safely. Containment chambers with negative air machines, air purifiers, things like that, so they can continue relatively normal operations.”

They’ve become an industry leader, as Davis was engaged in safer and cleaner practices, as well as the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) before the coronavirus pandemic began to make those things mandatory.

They’ve earned certification in the practice and can do the work for businesses as well as make recommendations and guide them through various scenarios.

“So businesses can call us and say, we’re reopening and want to do a preliminary disinfecting, but we don’t even know what this requires? What it entails? And we can lay that all out for them,” Miles said.

Businesses can even enquire on how to prevent other scenarios. If an employee contracts the virus and returns to work without knowing it, what disinfectant is needed to ensure the space is safe again? What actions can be taken to prevent others from being contaminated?

What strategies can ensure a business can remain operating?

All of this expertise can come from Davis.

“We’ve done disinfecting between staff shift changes for some businesses, to get it ready for a second group,” Miles said. “It’s not a solution for everyone, but that was able to work for that business.”

And part of the service they are now offering is if a 24 hour business happens to have an occurrence at midnight, Miles said, they can have a crew there within a few hours to begin mitigation work.

The business is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) which includes comprehensive training on how to operate properly so that they destroy the virus.

“We aren’t going to come in with some Lysol and just push it around,” Miles said.

You can find Paul Davis Toronto online at:

You can reach them by phone at: 905-856-5737