Mosaic is for the birds

Mosaic Transit Constructors’ (MTC) Environmental team is focused on meeting its obligation to protect migratory birds that choose to use the construction sites to nest.

MTC takes various approaches regarding birds nesting (or potentially nesting) on work sites.

The first approach is assessment of potential habitat locations. During the migratory bird window, birds often nest in trees around the project. Before any trees are felled, MTC invites an avian specialist to inspect the tree for any active nests. However, birds do not always choose trees as their nesting sites.

For example, the Barn Swallow searches for nesting sites with good overhead cover, (which is how it received its common name). Potential and popular nest locations are underneath bridges, including the Humber River Bridge. To prevent Barn Swallows and other birds from nesting onsite, MTC installs covers under the bridge, which forces the birds to find other nesting sites outside of active work zones.

But, the birds must nest somewhere, which is why MTC installed nesting cups underneath nearby structures, promoting the nesting of birds that would otherwise look to settle on worksites.

If a bird is found nesting on a work site, MTC does its best to identify the location of the nest and protect it until the fledgling birds seek greener pastures. This usually involves sectioning off the nest zone to protect the eggs and parent while occupying the nest.

The Killdeer (a common ground nesting bird found on the Finch West LRT alignment), prefers a rocky area to camouflage its eggs). It chose an area at the maintenance and storage facility as its nesting location.

Once it was discovered, the area was sectioned off to prevent any accidental damage to the nest.

If a fledgling is found on any Finch West LRT site, MTC does its best to ensure the birds are safe by responsibly moving them off-site. It is important to keep fledglings close because the parent is likely nearby, keeping an eye on them while they learn to fly and feed.

MTC teams are great at identifying birds and nests on work sites and have been doing a great job of cordoning off safe spaces once discovered. Our teams are definitely – for the birds.