MVR Cash and Carry Wholesale Foods

By Sean Delaney

Calling all Emery businesses.

You have likely been to more than a few “Mega Stores” but I bet that you have never seen anything like the combination of size and low prices at MVR Wholesale. I’m talking “mind blowing.” Spend a few hours there. And you’ll need hours.

MVR is not open to the public but if you own a business and have a business license (any type of business), driver’s license and have a Canada Revenue number, you are in. There are no membership fees.

MVR Cash and Carry Wholesale Foods is a family owned and operated business. Mike, Vince and Rob Commisso are the three brothers with the vision and have worked hard to make their business become well known as a “One stop shop” for many retailers and food establishments. MVR readily services retailers such as convenience stores, independent grocery chains, restaurants, caterers, bakeries, distributors, non-profit organizations, janitorial and many small businesses.

MVR’s main asset is the display of variety products. New products are always introduced on a weekly and seasonal basis.

3655 Weston Rd.


Phone: (416) 739-8411