Luxor Homes continues with their award winning ways in home construction

Luxor Homes Corporation of 128 Millwick Drive has received top honours from Corporate Vision and the 2022 Canadian Business Awards. On Dec. 6, General Manager of Luxor Homes, Maria Pinto, received notification from the panel of judges that they are the winners of the “Most Innovative Custom Home Building Company - Ontario” for 2022.

The organizers of Corporate Vision remarked that this was a true testament to their corporation’s dedication and determination having triumphed through all the unique difficulties and pressures that everyone has experienced over the last, very challenging, 18 months.

Owner Joe Pinto’s dedication was considered remarkable, in that he was able to coordinate so many difficult building efforts while keeping all staff and crew safe.

The award is also a testament to the quality of leadership displayed by Joe Pinto, as well.

Job well done.

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You can visit them at, 128 Millwick Drive, or phone them at: 416-747-8746.

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