Living in Emery Village now

By Anonymous

There’s a cold wind blowing out there in the Humber River Valley tonight. Where do all those animals go? To find shelter, stay warm, always keeping their predators in sight. Night owls and night hawks! Coyotes howling coyote talk! Cold blowing snow and wind might stall their midnight dinner stalk. What’s it like to be a beaver, deer, raccoon, squirrel or mouse? Where does each one live? Do they have some kind of house? What about the ducks, geese, swans and such? Don’t they find this cold just a little bit too much? They can migrate, fly away south for the winter...snowbirds, go to warmer places. Some animals can’t walk that far or run that fast, so they look for warm safe spaces. How cold it must feel to be a salmon, trout or a fish in a frozen river cold as ice.

No warm shelter, a need to eat, still awful cold, not too nice. Most people live in warm, clean dry places. Safe from cold, snow, wind and the dangers each animal face day and night. Luckily most of us don’t have to worry about that kind of stuff. We can go to stores and buy food, drink clean water and not worry about our next meal. Some people live out there on the streets and in the forests. In the cold snowy wind chilled night air...only they know for sure why. What circumstances led them there. Little hope to have. Still living day to day just to survive. Some of the homeless are loved by someone. Some have family and friends always looking for them. Most of the time people don’t care about the homeless.

Your home is where you lay your head each night – for the homeless everywhere and anywhere they choose to live or hide, is their home. There’re free to each day and night in freedom or likely in despair.

I’ve been there...homeless

Merry Christmas!

Be generous to all this holiday season!

Ode from a once homeless man.