Li Preti wins another four trustee years

By Sean Delaney

Ida Li Preti has been re-elected as the Toronto Catholic District School Board trustee for Ward 3, Humber River – Black Creek, and her first thoughts were, thank you.

“I first want to say thank you to the community,” she said. “I am deeply appreciative to get another mandate with the Catholic school board. It is humbling that they put their trust in me with their children, our students, for the next four years. And I don’t take this lightly.”

Li Preti said she spoke with thousands of parents during her campaign to see how she could represent them on the board and feels she is directly accountable to them.

“There are many barriers some are struggling to overcome,” she said. “And it is essential to understand our diversity across the schools, where our strengths and weaknesses are. And to understand where the local focuses are so I can bring that to the table.”

Many of Emery’s parents face different struggles than they would see in south Etobicoke or Rosedale, so she knows she needs to understand the needs in local schools and find solutions to the barriers people face.

Li Preti said she believes her team has done an outstanding job in the previous four years and her priorities will remain the same. She will continue to fight to ensure Emery Village schools get the resources and the funding they deserve during her time. But today, she also focuses on closing the gaps created during the pandemic over the next four years.

“Things changed a lot because of the pandemic and remote learning, or hybrid learning,” she said. “It was a time to see where our vulnerabilities are. Where our achievement goals have suffered, ensure the resources are in place to close those gaps. Math and literacy are my focus right now.”

To reach out to trustee Li Preti call: (416) 884-9644

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