Jobs, jobs, jobs: spring job fair returning

By Al Ruggero

On April 4th, 2020, the Emery Village BIA was to host its first ever Job Fair event. At the time, the event garnered widespread interest from local businesses and residents, but unfortunately, the pandemic was well underway, and the event was postponed.

Fast forward, and plans are again underway to host a Job Fair later in Spring 2023. This time, the paradox is that while the overall economy faces recessionary pressures, local employers tell us that they continue to face skills and labour shortages that restrict their potential recovery and growth.

Look for more details in the next couple of months in the Emery Village Voice and the BIA’s website,, as our campaign recruitment picks up momentum.

Commercial Space Rehabilitation Grant Program

Many may be aware that the Federal Government’s support programs for COVID-19 for Canadians also infused needed money into the province and the city. The latter support was to help businesses and industry through the pandemic and recovery. Many programs will end soon, with application deadlines of February 28, 2023.

The Commercial Space Rehabilitation Grant Program offers matching funding of 50 percent to commercial business operators and owners of vacant storefronts (or, in certain circumstances, at risk of becoming vacant) to undertake interior improvements, assisting businesses to re-lease space impacted by COVID-19. This program is funded by the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario at:, or by scanning the QR code for programs.

Recognizing the importance of small business to the vitality and success of local economies, is the matching funding formula for the cost of interior improvements to vacant or at risk of becoming vacant street-level commercial properties. The maximum base grant under the program is $20,000 (based on a minimum of $40,000 of improvements). Further funding of up to $4,000, for a maximum grant of $24,000, is available for upgrades to meet AODA accessibility standards. Additional funding of up to $20,000 ($4,000 per additional unit for up to five units) is available for multi-unit properties. As is the case with most grants, certain conditions apply for eligibility, and what items or project details are covered.

For more details and application information, please email: (or call 416 392 1005)

Or you can call us at Emery Village BIA, 416- 809 8130 (Al Ruggero), or email me at: