In view: New eye clinic opens in Emery Village

By Sean Delaney

Emery Eye-Q Vision is an eye clinic worth looking at.

They offer a suite of services, including comprehensive eye care for all ages.

Congratulations to Kevin Nguyen, owner of Emery Eye-Q Vision, one of Emery Village’s newest optical stores. But the facility is far more than just a retail store for vision products. According to their website, this includes treatment for various eye conditions and diseases, such as pink eye and myopia control. Their optical boutique also carries all the frames and lenses customers, and patients will need or desire. From entry-level frames to high-end products, such as hard-to-find designer frames, they will have the look and comfort to answer all needs. Prescription sunglasses, hard and soft contact lenses, a good optician will work to manage a patient’s lifestyle to their vision choice.

So, let’s meet Tapiwa.

Tapiwa Musewe is the Registered Optician with Emery Eye-Q Vision and has been with the business since its grand opening on March 10. She is an experienced optician with a Bachelor of Science degree from McMaster University. She completed the Opticianry program at Georgian College and her Optometry degree at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa.

A constant learner, she has participated in a specialty contact lens design and manufacturing internship with the Contact Lens Lab of South Africa.

The optometrist is an eye doctor. They will perform the eye exam, diagnosis, and identify disease or ailment as well as pathology and prescription writing.

The Eye Q Vision clinic offers an extensive eye exam, which is not a rushed test, but a very comprehensive eye exam. If a patient needs to be referred, the doctor will refer them to whatever they may need.

Dr. Rehana Ali is the in-house eye doctor. She is a member of the Ontario Association of Optometrists and the Canadian Association of Optometrists. She also strongly advocates for her industry, believing every person should have access to eye care.

As the optician, Musewe will then take the prescription and speak to the patients about their options to correct their prescriptions. Special options are available if talking to patients over 40 or under 19. And seniors, or anyone over 65, have different needs.

So, a good optician, she said, will work to manage the patient’s lifestyle with what they prescribe.

And regardless of the option the patient picks, the Eye Q Vision warranty is the same.

“We’re not going to discriminate according to what our patients pick,” Musewe said. “The difference is our optometrist is quite skilled and is not a button pusher. She’s a hands-on optometrist who is very accurate in her readings and record keeping.”

And if there is a strength to the Eye Q clinic, Musewe said, it is their people.

“We’re highly skilled,” Musewe said. “We both hold university degrees and rely on good technology; however, our skill set is so high, we can exchange notes, troubleshoot where needed and deal with each patient one at a time. Every patient has a tailored appointment. It’s never the same.”

Eye Q Vision is located at 45 Abraham Welsh Road, unit B6. (You can also enter the Emery Plaza at 2250 Sheppard Avenue W to find Emery Eye Q Vision).