Humber River Hospital says Thank You donors

Humber River Hospital says Thank You donors

We are expanding our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Urgent Care Clinic.

Thanks to donor support, our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Urgent Care Clinic has delivered four years of life-saving care for young people arriving at the hospital through our Jack & Pat Kay Emergency Psychiatric Unit. This year, the Clinic supported an increased volume of 780 visits from children (some as young as seven), youth, and their families – an increase of 100 visits over last year. The Clinic team has also expanded to include a new social worker, bringing the total to two full-time social workers dedicated to these young patients.

“I had never felt so low in my life and I was afraid I would never get better. Humber taught me that asking for help actually makes you stronger,” said Joanne a grateful patient.

And we are responding to the paediatric patient surge.

It has been a brutal fall and winter for Ontario’s paediatric healthcare system with three viruses circulating in our communities: COVID-19, influenza and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). Humber River Hospital received many transfers of patients under the age of 18, and our Paediatric Unit has been in a surge for months. Our urgent need for support was met with a fast and generous response from our donors, allowing us to ramp up our paediatric capacity to 150 percent and meet the needs of our community. Your support allowed us to outfit each additional paediatric inpatient room with specialized equipment, including monitors and vital sign machines designed for children and infants.

These are just two examples of the positive changes that your donations bring about at the Humber River Hospital. And in a significant way, it is the tireless work of the nurses and doctors that deliver the health care services to the Humber River Hospital patients, both on an in and outpatient basis. But let us not forget the tireless work of the various support staff that keeps the Hospital running optimally.

So we ask you to consider supporting the HRH Foundation by donating a Gift of Gratitude on behalf of your chosen healthcare worker.

Please scan the enclosed QR code included here for further information.