Home is where the heart is: Hendry Heating

By Sean Delaney

John Trevisan and Derek Jenkyn, co-owners of Hendry Heating, the Emery Village Voice Business of the Month, tell a story of consistency built on family and quality. The background of their business begins with John’s’ grandfather. “I’m the third generation. My grandfather started in 1963. Hendry is my mom’s maiden name. We’ve been doing the same thing since that time.” Derek and John both laughed. The staff at Hendry handle sheet metal fabrication and installation in small markets. They have a little niche market in petroleum infrastructure for gas stations. “We’ve been dealing with the same contractors since the sixties.” Their customers range from small to the household names.

“Shell and others. We do design and build too. We have engineers in-house and have a big market with car wash systems. We’re not your everyday contractor.” Hendry also constructs small commercial infrastructure for businesses such as Tim Hortons, A & W, car dealerships and others and specializes in fuel installations. Hendry even employs an on-staff engineer that does fabricating and laying out on call. “When guys are in the field they can get something to him. Same day fittings. It’s an advantage for us.” The business actually began in a story of working for success after a loss, when his grandfather was laid off from a large sheet metal operation. Bob Hendry. The business he was working for got too big too quick. “He got some seniority, and then went on his own,” John said. “His brother-in-law was pushing him, so he squirelled up money as best he could. My grandfather was hands-on, and it took off from there.” Hendry Heating has even enjoyed one location since their beginnings. “We’ve been here since 1970.” Speaking about Emery Village, both John and Deryk agreed, “it’s an advantageous area due to its proximity to the transportation network”. “It’s convenient to get to the highways for sure,” Deryk said. “The 401 and 407, it’s close to suppliers, and you can reach locales easily. It’s central to the GTA.” But they also said the area is beginning to show advantages as a community, growing substantially in size and character since they opened their doors years ago. “It’s nicer looking streets than others. It has improved and gotten better than the surrounding areas.” Hendry is located at: 81 Penn Drive, Weston, Ontario 416-742-1600