Holiday Season Safety

We all have the potential to be victims of crime. Each of us can REDUCE THE RISK of our homes or property being victimized by eliminating the opportunity.


Tell others where you’re going and when you are expected to return.

Walk the safest route possible.

Avoid over burdening yourself with parcels – carry your purse close to you but DO NOT wrap the purse strap around your neck or wrist. Forcible removal can cause serious injury.

While shopping

Carry only the cash and credit cards that you will need for the day.

Never leave your purse unattended in a change room or shopping cart – EVEN FOR A SECOND!

In your car

Look inside the vehicle before entering and keep your doors locked at all times.

If you have car trouble, raise the hood, get back in your car and lock it. If someone offers assistance, remain in the car and ask that person to call the police.

Do not leave parcels and packages in plain view in your vehicle – lock all valuables in the trunk.

At home

Arrange to have your driveway/walkway cleared of snow, especially when you are away from home.

Cancel all deliveries and arrange for a neighbour to pick up your mail when you are away from home.

Packaging from major ticket items should be discarded carefully – Cardboard boxes should be bundled to conceal the nature of the contents.

Helpful hints

Keep a record of your valuables.

Identify your property by engraving an identifying mark - proper identification makes it easier for the police to return personal property.

When engraving, hold the engraver straight up NOT on a slant.

The identification should be readily visible without marring the appearance of the item.

Be a good neighbour and report any suspicious activity to the Police.

If a crime has occurred

DO NOT enter your home - the criminal may still be inside.

Use a neighbour’s phone and call the police.

DO NOT touch anything or clean up until the police have inspected for evidence.

Note the licence number of any suspicious vehicles.

Note the description of any suspicious person(s).