Fourth annual Humberlea Christmas Parade Joy and Jingles Light Up Emery Village

By Sean Delaney

As the twilight hours set in on a beautiful eight-degree Friday evening, some streets of Emery Village sparkled with a festive buzz, marking the much-awaited fourth annual Humberlea Christmas Parade. With its exciting 6 p.m. start from Yorkdale Crescent, the parade weaved a merry path through the heart of the community, culminating in the cozy embrace of Strathburn Park.

This year, the parade was a spectacle and a heartwarming reflection of a vibrant community spirit. Houses along the route twinkled brighter than ever, their festive lights adding a magical glow to the evening’s cheer. The parade route was lined with young and old alike. Parents, grandparents, children, and families, looked on from front doors and front-facing windows.

Leading the cavalcade were beloved community cheerleaders, Brigette Contento and Michael Verrelli. Their enthusiasm and dedication once again proved to be the heartbeat of the event, igniting joy and excitement in every spectator.

The parade showcased a host of local talent and creativity. The upside-down clowns, adorable piggies, cuddly bears, and delightful gingerbread characters - all played by our community’s children, were a testament to the tireless efforts of our volunteers. Their dedication brought smiles and laughter to the faces of young and old.

A seasonal highlight was The Grinch, mischievously riding a ruby-red electric scooter car, waving and bringing giggles along the way. But fear not, the spirit of Christmas was in full swing as Santa, Mrs. Claus, and their charming snow princess followed. Their float was a beacon of joy, dancing and waving, spreading Christmas cheer far and wide.

A special nod to the vigilant heroes from 31 Division, who skillfully managed crowd control, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Their presence on foot and in cruisers leading the parade was immensely appreciated.

This year’s parade outdid itself with new entries that dazzled the crowd. The Emery Village Voice float, decked in festive lights and graced with a King Bob blow-up figure, was a sight to behold.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the volunteers who are the unsung heroes of this event: Milena, Brunella, Antonella, Christopher, Grace, Alicia, and Cathy. Your contributions were the backbone of this successful parade.

A big shoutout to Tony Ferragine from MTF Group, the generous soul behind the donation of the floats, and Nat Capalbo, whose music-laden pickup truck added the perfect soundtrack to the parade. A round of applause for Nick Filazzola (Santa), Anna Verrelli (Mrs. Claus), and Alessia Bucci (Snow Princess), and to all the endless volunteers whose efforts made this event a resounding success.

As we wrap up another memorable parade, we are reminded of the strength and warmth of our community. The fourth annual Humberlea Christmas Parade was a celebration of the season and a showcase of the spirit that makes Emery Village a wonderful place to live, work, and celebrate.

Until next year, keep the festive spirit alive, and may the joy of the season fill your hearts and homes.