Finch West LRT Signet station nearing completion: A glimpse of fast and efficient transit

By Sean Delaney

I was driving Finch Avenue the other day, and while stopped, I saw the new Signet Rd LRT stop.

I thought, wow, for the first time this specific area is starting to take shape. I grabbed my phone and snapped a photo to share.

So, after years of meticulous planning and dedicated construction efforts, the Finch West LRT Station at the intersection of Signet Road and Finch Avenue is finally taking shape. The station, which currently stands at an impressive 70 percent completion, promises to revolutionize Toronto’s transit landscape by offering a new level of speed and efficiency for commuters. With its strategic location at Signet Road and Finch Avenue, the station is set to become a vital hub connecting various neighborhoods, businesses, and institutions along its route.

While the project has seen its fair share of challenges and some pandemic-related delays, the impending completion in 2024 holds great promise for the community.

The Finch West LRT Station is poised to become a landmark in Toronto’s transit system, showcasing the city’s commitment to sustainable and forward-looking infrastructure development.

The Finch West LRT Station is a beacon of progress in a city where efficient transportation is essential for its residents and businesses. While the final construction phases unfold, Toronto eagerly awaits the station’s grand opening and the positive impact it will undoubtedly bring to the daily lives of our countless commuters.