Final Finch West LRV delivery imminent

Final Finch West LRV delivery imminent

The Finch West LRT’s eighteenth and final light rail vehicle (LRV) is scheduled for delivery to the Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF) in the coming weeks.

The first LRV was delivered by Alstom in July 2021. Since then, the rest of the fleet arrived one by one, with the Testing and Commissioning team working to ensure that each LRV was properly tested and certified before it begins operations.

There are a few key phases to testing; Static testing includes checking the brakes, connecting to the Overhead Catenary System (OCS), examining the operation and functionality of doors and other general operational functions that do not involve movement on the tracks.

Following this, the team performs “bump” tests on the LRVs, which include moving the LRVs two feet under their own power to ensure they have traction functionality.

Then it is on to testing in the MSF yard where LRVs travel between two to five km/h, while teams monitor and follow their movements from the exterior to ensure safety. Other team members are tasked with watching the OCS, pantographs and rail wheel/track interfaces while the LRV is on the move.

This stage is required prior to the final step, when LRVs are brought onto the main line to complete 600 km of track tests before they can receive their final certifications.

Each LRV is 48 m long and has capacity for 144 seated passengers, or 300 including standing room.

LRV Safety Tips:

With light rail vehicles now testing along the main line on Finch Avenue West, pedestrians and motorists are reminded to stay vigilant and keep aware of their surroundings, especially while crossing or making turns.

Here are some helpful safety tips for pedestrians and motorists commuting along the Finch West Light Rail transit mainline:

1) Entering the guideway is prohibited at all times. This includes walking, driving or biking.

2) Only cross the street at designated crosswalks or intersections and remember to look both ways and always obey traffic signals. Wait for the “walk” signal and for traffic to come to a complete stop before crossing.

3) LRVs will follow normal traffic signals. When crossing a street with an LRV at a red light, make eye contact with the operator before crossing in front of it.

4) Do not jaywalk or cross in front of parked vehicles.

5) Do not try to beat or race an oncoming LRV to cross a street. Play it safe and wait until it clears the intersection.

6) Be seen when you are on the scene. Wear bright coloured clothing, especially at night. Attaching reflective items is a good idea as well.

7) While LRV testing is ongoing, there will be signs to advise people what is happening, with new traffic controls installed to ensure motorists and pedestrian safety.

8) While the LRVs are being tested, their doors will be opening and closing just like they will be during regular operations. It is prohibited to board an LRV during testing.

9) The Finch West LRT is powered by high voltage electricity running through the Overhead Catenary System cables and wires. These cables and wires are at a minimum 6 m elevation from ground level. Do not climb any structure to touch or handle any cables or wires. If you see a cable or wire on the ground, stay clear of it and contact emergency services immediately.

10) Until the Finch West LRT becomes fully operational, construction work is continuing at many sites across Finch Avenue West. All work sites are off-limits to the public and it is prohibited to enter them. For your safety, do not go behind fenced areas.